[Daily themes will be published at the bottom of this page!]
[UPDATE : As of March 22, more than 600 persons were following the event and soooo many have shared artwork! Keep calm and keep creating, you are amazing!]

Many of us are locked up at home, our shows and contracts having been postponed or canceled. Audience members are also confined to their homes, some of them experiencing moments of great stress, fearing COVID-19 or exhausted from providing essential services so that we collectively get through this pandemic as best as possible. Why wouldn’t we, performing artists, authors, poets, researchers, popularizers, and other fans of storytelling in all its forms, take advantage of this situation to create short stories and share them? Why not take the opportunity to get the stage out of its four walls and deploy it, multidisciplinary, in the virtual environment?

At the Festival tout’ tout court, we want to contribute to this idea by launching the #30daysofshorts movement. From March 17 to April 17, every evening at 12:01 am Montreal time, we will publish a theme: let yourself be inspired by it and transform your ideas into a short creation of 10 seconds to 10 minutes, whatever form it takes : short play, poem, short story, song, slam, video-captured choreography, podcast, vlog, documentary writing, visual arts, short movie, all forms are welcome. Then post your masterpiece before the release of the next theme, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, with the hashtag #30daysofshorts so that we can find it! If you publish on your blog platform or another social network, make sure to share the hyperlink in one of the 4 social networks mentioned, so that we can see your performances (yes, we admit it, we don’t spend that much time on TikTok!)!

Our themes will not be related to the current pandemic and our project is not intended to create a movement of apocalyptic short creations 🙂 We encourage you to think « outside the pandemic », but obviously, your artistic freedom is complete and you will do whatever you want!

The pandemic is wreaking physical, economic and emotional havoc. Against it, let’s deploy our weapons of mass creation! At worst, it will keep us active, at best, it will make us think and dream and smile!

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